If you’re like most homeowners, you pay little attention to your home’s HVAC system until it needs repairs, breaks down, or must be replaced entirely. While it is generally possible to repair elements of your HVAC unit to keep it working, there will come a point when an HVAC replacement is the best choice. Here are eight signs that your HVAC system needs to be replaced.

1. Your System Is More Than 10 Years Old

You should replace your HVAC system every 10-15 years. Modern air conditioning units are long-lasting, but their principal components begin to degrade after around 10 years, based on how frequently you use and service them.

AC units over ten years old are also likely to utilize a refrigerant called R-22. This form of Freon is obsolete and hazardous to the environment. Upgrade to a modern unit to reduce your carbon impact while lowering your monthly energy expenditures.

2. Your House Is Dustier and Damper Than Usual

Your HVAC system oversees ventilating your house properly in addition to cooling and heating it. When operating properly, your system should reduce humidity and remove dust, dirt, dander, and other debris to enhance the air quality within your house. If you’ve observed more dust in your house than usual, it may indicate that your air conditioner can no longer remove it.

3. Rising Energy Costs

If your HVAC utility bill suddenly increases and does not correspond to the outside temperature, it might be an indication that your system is operating harder than it’s supposed. An overworked heating and cooling unit indicate it is not working efficiently. The larger your utility cost, the less effective your HVAC system is performing. Switching to a high-efficiency HVAC system can result in a 20% reduction in your energy costs.

4. You Feel Uncomfortable

If you’ve begun to observe that your house isn’t staying as warm as you’d like during winter or as cool as you desire in the hot summer months, this might be a sign that your HVAC unit is beginning to fail. It might indicate that your HVAC system only needs a little repair, or it could indicate more significant problems.

Consider it a warning sign, and don’t ignore it for too long if you discover that you can’t control your home’s temperature. Call an expert to examine and clean your system.

5. Repairs Are Greater Than Half the Price of a New System

You could be investing money in a fruitless endeavor if your HVAC system requires pricey repairs that will end up costing you greater than half as much as a new system. It makes no sense if your unit is likewise older than ten years. A new unit is a better investment than throwing money away on attempting to fix an old, failing HVAC system temporarily. This is especially true given the likelihood that it will break down once more and cost you more money.

6. Leaks

While condensation surrounding the HVAC system is typical, it should be kept to a minimum. Call the HVAC specialists at JC Energy Solutions right away if you see big pools of water surrounding the HVAC unit or a coolant leak that is out of control. Excessive water pouring from your appliance can damage your furniture and carpeting, and exposed coolant puts you and your family in danger.

7. Unusual Noises

A well-maintained HVAC unit ought to run rather quietly. However, you can start to hear screeching and grounding noises as time passes on and the different parts age. You should get your system checked out right once if it is generating any strange noises.

8. Odd Smells

If you detect any smells from your HVAC unit that you haven’t noticed previously, it might mean something is amiss with the system. It’s typical for there to be some odor, which might simply be dust burning off, but don’t assume everything is good if you notice an odd odor. Have one of our experts examine your unit so they can tell you whether it needs to be replaced. It might be something more catastrophic, such as melted wiring or mold in the ducts.

Trust the Experts

Call JC Energy Solutions right away if you’ve lately experienced any of these indications with your HVAC system. Our skilled professionals can guide you in selecting the best HVAC system for your Oak Hills house and budget. Rely on us for reliable cooling, heating, maintenance, water heaters, and commercial HVAC services.

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