As you prepare your home for spring, don’t forget to care for your HVAC system. After a few long months of chilly winter evenings, your HVAC system may have accumulated dust and dirt buildup that could impact its safety and efficiency. Cleaning your HVAC system during the spring gives you the opportunity to inspect it for damages and prepare it for the coming warm season. Here are seven helpful tips for effective HVAC maintenance this spring.

1. Replace Air Filter

Changing your air filter is easy and vital to your HVAC system’s health. Switching your filters out according to the manufacturer’s instructions can reduce strain on your furnace, air conditioner, or heat pump. It can also improve energy efficiency. A clean filter boosts indoor air quality by stopping particles like dust, allergens, and hair from circulating.

Disposable filters must be switched out every one to three months, depending on the brand and quality. Washable filters should be cleaned monthly. Spring is a great time to consider upgrading your air filter to ensure high-quality air in your home.

2. Check Ductwork

Leaky ductwork is one of the most significant contributors to HVAC energy wastefulness in the home. Examining your ductwork a few times a year can help you spot new holes or compromised areas. Loose sections, sagging areas, tears, and holes allow your valuable heated or cooled air to escape into uninsulated areas. Keeping track of any changes in your ductwork can help you decide when to call for professional service.

3. Clear Debris From Your Outside Unit

Your outdoor air conditioning unit can take a beating during the winter from the potentially high winds and cool temperatures. It is also susceptible to animal nests, rust, and damage from nearby trees, vegetation, and rocks. When spring arrives, clear away any loose plants or debris. Professionals recommend that homeowners keep anything from growing or accumulating within two feet of the unit. Doing this ensures the system receives enough airflow to cool your home when temperatures soar.

4. Clean Condensate Line

Condensate drain lines are usually made with metal or white PVC piping and are responsible for funneling excess moisture outside. Water naturally forms around an air conditioner’s evaporator coils as it produces cool air. The condensate line drains this moisture outside of the home. Unfortunately, these drains can also fill with dust, dirt, and mold. Too much buildup will force water back into your home to leak and emit foul odors.

5. Install a Programmable Thermostat

Programmable thermostats provide improved indoor climate control while lowering your utility bills. These systems adjust your energy consumption based on your schedule and can even decrease use when nobody is home. They also give you access to helpful features like service reminders and energy reports. If you already have a programmable thermostat, update your settings to reflect your new spring schedule.

6. Test Your Air Conditioner

Don’t forget to test your air conditioner before the warm season officially starts. Allow it to run for a little bit on a low setting to make sure it is still functioning normally. Watch out for any new sounds or odd smells. If you have an older air conditioner and are unsure if it will survive the coming season, consider replacing it now. Don’t risk letting your air conditioner stop working in the middle of summer when your family needs cooling the most and experienced technicians are hard to come by!

7. Schedule Routine Maintenance

After completing your springtime care, call an expert for more detailed maintenance. Even if you frequently change your filters and monitor your thermostat, your HVAC systems will still accumulate dust and lose efficiency. Trained technicians can check all the connections and parts, replenish your refrigerant, and pinpoint minor issues that could become massive repairs in the future.

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