In California, the summers are arid and hot, whereas the winters are cold, partly cloudy, and wet. As a result, you need reliable heating and cooling to ensure year-round comfort. One of the options you’re likely to consider is a heat pump. Thanks to their versatility and affordability, heat pumps are becoming the go-to heating and cooling systems for many homeowners.

The experienced experts at JC Energy Solutions have compiled this list of the benefits of installing a heat pump in your Oak Hill house.

1. They Provide Both Heating and Cooling

Homeowners in Oak Hill and the surrounding areas prefer heat pumps because they’re incredibly versatile. Once you invest in a heat pump, you won’t have to install additional heating and cooling equipment. This is because a heat pump can help you maintain ideal temperatures in your house throughout the year. During the arid and hot summer months, your heat pump can provide cool air to maintain optimal temperatures. Similarly, your heat pump will provide warm air to keep your home warm during the winter.

2. They Use Less Energy

Under the right conditions, heat pumps transfer approximately 300% more energy than they use. On the other hand, gas furnaces transfer around 95% more energy than they consume. Besides, heat pumps use energy to transfer heat, while other systems are powered by fuel or gas.

3. They Have Lower Running Costs

Heat pumps have lower running costs than heating and cooling systems that rely on combustion. They use less energy because they don’t generate heat. Instead, they only rely on electricity to distribute the refrigerant through the ducts. The average heating cost for a heat pump is around $500.

On the other hand, the running cost for a propane furnace is around $1,550. Heating costs run an average of $900 for an electric furnace.

4. They’re Environmentally Friendly

Unlike other systems that are based on combustion, heat pumps are eco-friendly. This is because heat pumps don’t burn fossil fuels to generate heat. Investing in a heat pump will significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Homeowners save around $459 every year after installing a heat pump. Additionally, heat pumps are quieter than other systems. In fact, most models operate at a lower sound than dishwashers and other home appliances.

5. They Require Minimal Maintenance

Even though heat pumps provide consistent heating throughout the year, they still require minimal maintenance. Homeowners are encouraged to schedule a professional heat pump tune-up at least once a year. Since you’ll only use one system to heat and cool your house, you don’t have to join multiple maintenance programs.

6. They Require Less Space

Heat pumps require less square footage than furnaces and other systems. Regarding furnaces, local building codes and manufacturers require homeowners to leave a 30-inch clearance on all sides to minimize accidents and injuries. On the other hand, homeowners are encouraged to leave a 24-inch clearance around a heat pump’s outdoor unit to reduce injuries. They don’t have to leave clearance for the indoor air handler since heat pumps don’t generate energy. Additionally, some air handlers can be mounted high on the wall to save space.

7. They’re Cheaper to Install

Installing a heat pump is cheaper than installing other systems. For instance, you can expect to pay $4,500 to install a gas furnace. If you’re installing an electric furnace, you might end up paying more than $4,000. When it comes to heat pumps, homeowners pay approximately $3,500 for installation based on the size and efficiency of the system.

8. They Improve Indoor Air Quality

Since heat pumps work by transferring air from the outdoors to the indoors, they can improve indoor air quality. They can also remove excess humidity from your home. Maintaining good air quality in your house can prevent diseases and enhance comfort.

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Investing in a heat pump in your Oak Hill home has many benefits. However, you must choose the right type and size for optimal performance and safety. You should also consider your climate zone and budget to choose the right heat pump for your unique situation. Luckily, our skilled professionals at JC Energy Solutions are ready to help you select the right size and type of heat pump. You can also count on our skilled technicians for reliable heating and AC services. Contact JC Energy Solutions today for a free quote or to schedule service in the Oak Hill area.

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