Of all the systems in your Oak Hills, CA home, your HVAC system probably needs the most maintenance. To keep it working efficiently, you’ll need to check your HVAC air filters monthly, change them every 30 to 90 days, and regularly clear the area around your outside condenser. But what about the HVAC maintenance tasks you cannot handle alone?

Your heater and air conditioner will perform best and last longer if they get professional service annually. Purchasing a preventive maintenance plan for your home or commercial building is a great way to ensure that no HVAC maintenance essentials are overlooked. It will also make paying for professional support easy and stress-free.

What Is a Preventive Maintenance Plan?

Also known as preventive maintenance agreements or programs, preventive maintenance plans are helpful products HVAC companies provide. Most cover the cost of one to two service visits annually, so homeowners don’t have to create special budgets for seasonal tune-ups. Our preventive maintenance plans cover two yearly service visits. This helps you stay on top of all manufacturer-recommended maintenance. For residential clients, the plan also includes an annual water heater inspection.

In addition to the included maintenance visits, you get additional perks, including:

  • Priority scheduling
  • Discounted repairs
  • At-cost or low-cost materials
  • Peace of mind

Our commercial service agreement rates are based on how many units the building has. It includes a summer and winter tune-up. Filters are included, and if any problems are found, we will provide you with a detailed repair estimate.

Preventive Maintenance Agreements and Equipment Warranties

All new heaters, air conditioners, and heat pumps come with manufacturer warranties. These warranties pay for system repairs and replacements for problems directly resulting from substandard manufacturing or materials. However, manufacturer warranties come with stipulations. HVAC equipment must be appropriately sized for its intended service area, and it must be professionally installed.

Mose HVAC equipment manufacturers also require warranty holders to schedule professional maintenance services at least once each year. Forgetting or outright neglecting to do so often results in losing these important protections. Similar terms and conditions are found in home insurance policies and home warranties covering HVAC equipment.

With a preventive maintenance plan, you can easily remain compliant. Not only will you have access to two covered maintenance visits each year, but you’ll also receive reminders to schedule these appointments.

Catch Problems Early With Preventive Maintenance

There are multiple ways in which having a preventive maintenance plan can save you money. You can sidestep out-of-pocket spending when the time for professional equipment maintenance rolls around. You can also optimize the performance of both your heater and your air conditioner. When both of these units work efficiently, you’ll have noticeably lower energy bills and a more comfortable home. Best of all, at JC Energy Solutions, our preventive maintenance plans also include water heater service so that homeowners can keep this essential home feature in excellent condition.

Get Model-Specific Support for Your Equipment

Our preventive maintenance plans are streamlined to suit individual air conditioner and heater models. When you purchase one of our agreements, we’ll always dispatch technicians who are trained to serve the equipment you own. This ensures that all our clients get needs-specific service that fully complies with the detailed requirements of their manufacturer warranties.

Preventive maintenance plans save homeowners money in other ways. In addition to discounted repair costs, during a service call our technicians can identify minor and still-developing issues before they get out of hand. Our technicians can spot worn, damaged, or missing parts with routine service and replace them early on. Thus, minor problems like insufficient fan motor lubricant won’t result in a total system failure.

Get Ready for Replacement

Saving money on your HVAC repair and maintenance costs also makes preparing for an eventual heater and air conditioner replacement easier. First, regular tune-ups will help your system last longer while operating at peak efficiency. Second, having your equipment serviced each year by a qualified technician will help you stay up to date with your HVAC system’s condition and remaining lifespan.

Our team helps Oak Hills, CA residents maintain safe, comfortable homes. We offer cooling, heating, and water heater services. We also provide indoor air quality services and preventive maintenance agreements. To learn more or to schedule a visit, get in touch with us at JC Energy Solutions today.

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