AC unit issues usually occur during the summer when you constantly require air conditioning. The more you use your HVAC system, the faster the parts wear down and develop damage. A squeaking AC unit could indicate a variety of issues, from a worn fan belt to broken bearings. Here are a few potential reasons your AC unit may be squeaking and what you can do to minimize your costs.

Obstructed Fan Blades

Your AC unit may begin to make a squeaking noise if the fan blades are cutting through debris or other particulates. Sticks, rocks, and mulch can find their way inside, making it hard for your system to work efficiently. You may even have a local squirrel or rodent storing food too close to the unit.

If the squeaking sound is left for too long, the debris can cause damage to the fins or inner workings of the unit. The moment you notice an odd noise, turn the AC unit off and remove the top cover. Thoroughly vacuum and wipe down the area while checking for damage. Cut back any plants that are growing too close to your unit. Protect your AC system from debris buildup by completing annual cleanings and maintenance.

Fan Belt Problem

Some older air conditioners use a belt to connect the unit’s motor to the fan. As this belt expands and contracts during the day, it slowly loses its elasticity. It can become fragile and cracked, leading to lowered system efficiency. The squeaking sound may be more noticeable on hot, humid days when the belt is being stretched too far. Eventually, it will snap and break apart, leaving your home without air conditioning.

If your fan belt is just misaligned, it’s easy to reach inside and put it back on track. A broken belt will need to be professionally replaced. While you may want to try and complete the replacement yourself, it’s best to trust a professional who can appraise the system for any other internal damage.

Worn Fan Bearings

Modern AC units use fan bearings instead of fan belts. The bearings often last several years but will eventually wear out due to constant use. One of the only signs they’re damaged or about to fail is a persistent squeaking noise. If the compromised bearings are left in place too long, they can cause irreparable damage to the fan motor. What would’ve been an easy repair could instead turn into a costly part replacement.

Before assuming your bearings are broken, ensure that they’re properly lubricated. Constant friction can wear away the protective lubricant, making it harder for the bearing to turn smoothly. Replacing a fan motor is a complex process that requires a professional technician. It’s always safer to rely on a trained expert rather than attempt your own repairs and potentially cause more damage.

Professional HVAC Assistance

AC units can make a variety of noises as they cool your home. It can be hard to discern the differences between squeaking and screeching without the proper training. A slight squeaking can be normal for older systems if they’re being turned on for the first time in a while. While simple DIYs like realigning your fan belt or lubricating the bearings are easy enough, it’s never a good idea to attempt any serious AC unit repairs or replacements.

HVAC technicians have experience with a variety of AC models and makes. They know how to identify the different system noises and what repairs the unit needs. You may end up replacing a part that isn’t yet broken or causing more issues in the system.

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